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The brochure new exhibitions of contemporary art is published 6 times a year - on the 1st of January / March / May / July / September / November. The editor, Kay Roberts, began the print version in 1978, since when it has grown from 20 galleries to 222 in the current issue. 21,000 copies of the brochure are distributed each issue. The web site was launched in 1998 & from this issue will be a rolling list of exhibitions so that a more complete list of future gallery shows can be accessed on line. The number of hits on line is currently under analysis but is in the region of 3 - 4,000 a week.

www.galleryguide.orgNew exhibitions in New York and US

Gallery Guide magazine is the most comprehensive source of gallery and museum exhibitions nationwide, serving the art community for over thirty years.

Art Now Inc. publishes seven regional editions of Gallery Guide magazine and the Collector's/International Edition which includes all seven regions of the United States and a selected listing of exhibitions in Europe. The regional editions are New York, West Coast, Chicago/Midwest, Boston/New England, Philadelphia/Mid-Atlantic Region, Southeast and Southwest.

Gallery Guide is published 11 times annually from September thru June, with a special summer edition covering July and August. Gallery Guide is available by subscription, at newsstands, in bookstores, at major national and international art fairs and at participating galleries and museums.

www.e-flux.comE-Flux (US)

E-flux (Electronic Flux Corporation) is a New York-based company dedicated to world wide distribution of information for contemporary visual arts institutions via the Internet. Established in January 1999, e-flux has already built a readership of more than 33,000 North American and international visual arts professionals (47% North America, 42% Europe, and 11% other) and a client base of some of the most vital and prestigious institutions.